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We also welcome all ideas for special interest groups.  If you're a crafter, reader, exercise-lover, there might be already a club for you to dive right into.


Once a month we all get together to go over the ins & outs of the club. Vote on important issues and any other topics the members are interested in.


We also invite interesting speakers to come and talk to us. Many of them have come to us via recommendations from members and all have been wonderful.

Children are welcome in the meeting room. We have crafts to do and toys for them to play with. 




Who doesn't love a good party? This is another wonderful opportunity for our members to get to know family members, dads, significant others, and those who are what binds our family. 

We will celebrate all those holidays; Christmas, NYE, Halloween festivities, pot-lucks, 4th of July, bbq's to celebrate Florida's Summer has ended, or just because. These parties are fun for everyone!

MOM Meal Trains


If any of our members are expecting, upon arrival of their new bundle of joy, our amazing Sunshine Committee will jump into action and organize a meal train. Members who volunteer will prepare either a frozen meal that can be easily reheated or a fresh meal ready to eat, and deliver it.

We've all been there, and the extra helping hands are appreciated by so many, during those first crucial days.

This also applies in the event that one of our moms has suffered an illness herself or  in the family.


MOMS Night out (MNO)


Take a well-needed break from Mommyhood and get out with the gals! This is YOUR time. We get together for dinner, a game night, movies, pamper ourselves to spa treatments, paint & sips, happy hour, among other things. Just a night to hang out with the girls and blow off some steam!  Each month offers something different. These events are held monthly, and are "mamma only" events, so plan accordingly ahead of time.

We also love mom morning brunches.



Playgroups are, by far, the most popular activity offered by the MOMS Club®. We love keeping the little ones busy, entertained, learning, and socializing.


Our groups are broken down by age and generally meet at a member’s home, park or any other desirable location when the weather permits.  We do take the Florida heat into account when planning playdates during the hotter months. 


Siblings are always welcome and you are free to join a different playgroup for each of your children.


Majority of our playdates take place during the weekdays, when moms need it the most, with the occasional weekend playdate. We visit many nature centers, parks, schedule coffee meet ups, library 

story time, beach playdates,  splash pad play, water parks, museums, trails, offer stroller strides for those wanting something more fitness orientated and field trips outside the city, for those willing to venture out. 

Majority of our playdates are within the City of Boca Raton. We try to limit our travel time to no more than 30 minutes, so to not over-tire the little ones, no one likes cranky babies. 





We love our family events, and Boca is full of weekend activities. We try to bring our families together for bbq's, city events, fairs, festivals, beach days, theme park visits, annual camping trips, and other various activities. 


We value the time  we spend with our members , bonding, and making memories for the littles, but we also know how important family time is. Feel free to bring the whole family along for these events!

* We have a strict Sick Policy - Please do not attend any of the activities or meetings if you or your child has a fever, cold or runny nose within the 24 hours before the scheduled event. Please give them time to fully recover. *

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